Pelita Perkebunan, Coffee and Cocoa Research Journal (CCRJ): ISSN:0215-0212; E-ISSN:2406-9574 Since its  establishment in  1911, Indonesian  Coffee and Cocoa Research  Institute  (ICCRI) formerly Besoekisch Proefstation, had published its research findings through a  journal  call Mededelingen van  het  Besoekisch Proefstation. Between  1948-1981 the  research  institute was under  the supervision  of  Bogor  Research  Institute for  Estate Crops,  and  published  its  research findings through  De  Bergcultures  which  was  later  changed  to Menara  Perkebunan. Since the institute held the national mandate for coffee and  cocoa commodities,  and  due  to  rapid  increase in the research  findings,  ICCRI  published  its  first  issue of Pelita  Perkebunan journal  in  April 1985. Pelita Perkebunanis an international journal providing rapid  publication  of  peer-reviewed  articles concerned with coffee and cocoa commodities based on the aspects of  agronomy,  plant  breeding, soil  science,  crop protection,  postharvest technology and  social economy. Papers  dealing  with result  of  original  research  on the above aspects are welcomed with no page charge. Pelita Perkebunan is  managed  by  Indonesian  Coffee and  Cocoa  Research  Institute  (ICCRI), which publish the  research findings not  only for  coffee and cocoa  but also other commodities relevant with coffee and cocoa, i.e.  shade  trees,  intercrops  and  wind breakers.

Vol 36 No 3 (2020)

Published: 2020-12-29

Fermentation of Arabica Coffee Beans Using Ohmic Heating Technology in Producing Specialty Coffee

Reta Reta, Salengke Salengke, Junaedi Muhidong, Arnida Mustafa, Syamsia Syamsia, Ophirtus Sumule, Zaimar Zaimar


Isolation and identification of microbial species found in cocoa fermentation as microbial starter culture candidates for cocoa bean fermentation in Colombia.

Microbial diversity in cocoa fermentation in Colombia

Maria Denis Lozano Tovar, Geraldine Tibasosa, Carlos Mario González, Karen Ballestas Alvarez, Martha del Pilar Lopez Hernandez, Fernando Rodríguez Villamizar


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