Published: 2023-12-19

Identification of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) genetic uniformity through RAPD molecular markers.

Nur Afni Helia Dewi, Sulistyani Pancaningtyas, Mukhamad Su’udi

Page: 173-183

Abstract View: 93, PDF Download: 127

Rootstock, scion, and microbiome contributions to cadmium mitigation in five Indonesian cocoa cultivars.

Jennifer Elise Schmidt, Mikael Dorman, Andrew Ward, Alana Firl

Page: 201-215

Abstract View: 49, PDF Download: 62

Sensory and physicochemical attributes of chocolate soft candy with different gelling agents.

Taufik Rahman, Siti Khudaifanny Dasa Febrianti Asna Putri

Page: 230-243

Abstract View: 58, PDF Download: 76

Structure and labor use pattern among cocoa farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria

Yetunde Olasimbo Mary Oladokun, kayode AKANNI OLUYOLE, Akinpelu Ayodele Oladipo

Page: 271-276

Abstract View: 48, PDF Download: 56