Published: 2018-12-31

Rootstock Characteristics of Three Combinations of Theobroma cacao L. Crosses on Different Water Availability

Bayu Setyawan, Niken Puspitasari, Agung Wahyu Susilo, Indah Anita Sari

Page: 137-145

Abstract View: 201, PDF Download: 184

Germination and Water Content of Cocoa Seeds After Storage Treatments

Indah Anita-Sari, Bayu Setyawan, Agung Wahyu Susilo

Page: 146-155

Abstract View: 224, PDF Download: 190

Factors Influencing Farmers’ Adoption of CRIN TC Cocoa Hybrid Technology in Oyo State, Nigeria

Jonathan Akinsola Akinwale, Oluwajoba Emmanuel Folarin

Page: 191-198

Abstract View: 167, PDF Download: 148