Vol 34, No 1 (2018)

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Diversity of Pods and Beans of Twelve Cocoa Clones (Theobroma cacao L.) in Rainy and Dry Seasons PDF
Adinda Wuriandani, Agung Wahyu Susilo, Suyadi Mitrowiardjo, Bayu Setyawan, Indah Anita Sari 1-10
Yield Performance of the Promising Cocoa Hybrids (Theobroma cacaoL.) at Dry Climate Condition PDF
Agung Wahyu Susilo 11-22
Genetic Diversity Analysis of Edel Cocoa Clones Parental Cross Using Maturase K (matK) Gene PDF
Indah Anita-Sari, Sobir Sobir, Agung Wahyu Susilo, Akhmad Hidayatullah, Pingkan Sugianto, Irvan Faizal 23-32
Role of Exogenous Salicylic Acid and Benzoic Acid Applications to Vascular Streak Dieback Disease Attack on Cocoa Seedlings PDF
Fakhrusy Zakariyya, Agung Wahyu Susilo, Teguh Iman Santoso, Hardian Susilo Addy, Sulistyani Pancaningtyas 33-39
Changes in weather pattern affect insect composition in Madai, Sabah. PDF
M.Y. Meriam 30-49
Biological Control of Cocoa Pod Borer (Conopomorpha cramerella Snell) Using Egg Parasitoids of Trichogrammatoidea bactrae fumata in East Java PDF
Dwi Suci Rahayu, Endang Sulistyowati 50-58
Determining Optimum Point of Robusta Coffee Bean Roasting Process for Taste Consistency PDF
Andi Dharmawan, Firstyoryza Cahyo, Sukrisno Widyotomo 59-65
How the policy environment influences value chain linkages: a comparative study of cocoa and pineapple in Ghana PDF
Seth Awuku Manteaw, Jonathan Nicholas Anaglo, Seth Dankyi Boateng, Benjamin Yao Folitse 66-78

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