Vol 33, No 1 (2017)

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Intensity of vascular streak dieback in different cocoa clones and various agro-climatic conditions PDF
Indah Anita-Sari, Agung Wahyu Susilo, Niken Puspitasari, Febrilia Nuraini, Bayu Setyawan, Peter McMahon, Philip Keane 1-9
Analysis of Secondary Metabolites as Potential Phytoalexins, Their Secretion Sites and Proposed Resistance Markers to Vascular Streak Dieback in Theobroma cacao L. PDF
Teguh Iman Santoso, Muhammad Miftahudin, Yohana C Sulistyaningsih, Suryo Wiyono 10-23
Development of Pratylenchus coffeae in Biochar Applied Soil, Coffee Roots and Its Effect on Plant Growth PDF
Dwi Suci Rahayu, Niken Puspita Sari 24-32
Cocoa Polyphenol Extract and Its Natural Colorant Characteristics Influenced by Solvents and Extraction Conditions PDF
Misnawi Jati, Noor Ariefandi, Tries Wahyu BP, Sih Yuwanti 33-44
Uterus Weight of Ovariectomized Rats Given Cocoa Powder and Extract PDF
Ariza Budi Tunjung, Misnawi Jati, Pratiwi Pudjiastuti, Afaf Baktir 45-50
Technical and Economic Efficiency of Smallholder Arabica Coffee Farming in Panti Sub-district, Jember PDF
Dani Widjaya, Yuli Hariyati, Djoko Soejono 51-56
Dynamic of Arabica Coffee Marketing Organization in Ngada District:Progress upon Implementing of Geographical Indication PDF
Lya Aklimawati 66-79

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